Gulf Churches Fellowship

Mission and Purpose with appended By-Laws




We are witnesses in the Arabian Gulf to the love of God in the unity of the body of Christ.  Our aim is to be the fulfillment of Christ’s prayer for his church, to be one as a witness to God’s love

3rd Edition 2017

Table of Contents

Introduction                             1 – 2

The Theological Basis for a Gulf Churches Fellowship    3 – 4

Mission Statement of Gulf Churches Fellowship         4

Member Churches Defined                    4 – 5

Organizational Structure of GCF                5 – 6

Communication with Membership                7

Code of Conduct                        7

Cooperation with Parent Church Bodies            8

Relationship of GCF to MECC and Ecumenical Councils    8

Demography of Christianity in the Gulf States        9

Potential Areas of Collaboration                 9 – 12

Challenges to Ecumenism in the Gulf            13 – 14

History of Ecumenism in the Gulf                14 – 18

Official Churches by Country                    Appendix A

By-Laws                            Appendix B